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Three Sources for Getting Your First Business Cards Quickly

Three Sources for Getting Your First Business Cards Quickly

You absolutely need a business card, and you want one that is awesome and stands out. Someone is going to tell you that business cards are outdated, a waste of money, and that no one uses them any more.

That someone is wrong. Business cards are the first glimpse people get of your business and brand when you meet them, they're the best way to convey your contact information, and they're an inexpensive way to show you're prepared and ready to be taken seriously. 

Magnoliahouse Creative digital templates, $10

This is how I got my business cards and I'm thrilled, although I sprung for her custom option, listed at $75. If you're in the mood to DIY, buy this digital download, drop it into Adobe Illustrator, enter your information, and send it off to a printer. A good printer option is Moo - use this link to get 20% off your first order.

Fearless Confetti digital templates, $10

Same as above, but for use in Adobe Photoshop. Download, open in Photoshop, put in your own info, send it to the printer. I looked at nearly every digital business card seller on Etsy for this article, and Fearless Confetti was the clear winner.

Brooklyn Social Cards - $250 for 250

Unlike the above options, these will arrive as actual physical business cards ready for you to use. They offer a handful of beautiful, well-curated designs, a simple selection of inks, two kinds of card stock, and you're done.

Letterpress is a fancy technique of printing that makes an imprint and deposits ink directly into the paper, and experienced a resurgence about ten years ago. It's beautiful, and a great way to make an impression. No pun intended.


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