This is the Pineapple North Project.

The Pineapple North Project is a digital platform and community for creative business owners. It features thoughtful essays and how-to tips on blogging, social media, branding, marketing, finances, and other issues that matter to creative business owners. Our goal is to help you achieve your wildest dreams as a creative entrepreneur. 

Who? Why?

Good questions.

It starred with one, two, then a dozen conversations among business owners who have felt there wasn't room for them in the creative industries, particularly a the luxury levels. Too black. Too queer. Too "not the norm", not pretty, not preppy, not wholesome enough, not polished enough, not educated enough, not, not, not... not enough.

We're unapologetically intersectional, feminist, and inclusive.

We believe Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, and that you belong here.

If you've felt otherwise in other spaces, if you've felt shut away from financial gain or becoming a leader because you are "other", if you are an ally and want to use your privilege as a means of support, and if you're Woke as hell, you've come to the right place. 

And this is Amber Marlow.

amber marlow.jpg

I started the Pineapple North Project as a way to bring together and inspire creative business owners, particularly those that felt left out of other business collectives. I'm also a wedding and elopement photographer in New York City.

Strengths: inspiring others, managing schedules, hosting dinner parties, navigating credit card points to get the best deal on airfare, petting all of the dogs.

Inspired by: the Novogratz, international travel, world music, smart women, and black girl magic.

Family: a husband and a dog, living in NYC.

Drink: gin, or a Paloma with mezcal.

photo by Sarah Hoppes